Reduce Your Energy Bill Every Month

Hire OPS for your solar panel installation in Terre Haute, IN, Paris, IL and surrounding areas

Did you know you can power your entire home with solar panels? With a solar panel design from OPS, Inc., you can convert your home in Terre Haute, IN, Paris, IL orĀ surrounding areas to clean energy. You can turn your home into an off-grid sanctuary or simply enjoy lower energy bills each month.

All our panels and inverters come with a 25-year warranty to guarantee your satisfaction. With proper maintenance, your solar panel system will harvest energy for the next 50 years. Schedule your solar panel installation with us today.

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We guarantee your design will be successful

OPS creates dependable solar panel systems for homes like yours. When you call us for your solar panel installation, we will walk you through the entire process step by step. Our team members will:

  • Analyze the property to determine if it's a good location for solar power
  • Create a solar panel design for each type of system we offer
  • Present the designs to you so you can choose which one you'd prefer
  • Install your solar panels and make sure they're working properly
  • Monitor the system 365 days per year to ensure it's success

Start saving money on your expenses with a solar panel installation! Make an appointment with us today by calling 812-235-1380.